The boot washing station STWA and STWA-H are designed for manual cleaning of boots and rubber aprons. The contaminated rubber apron is spread out and fastened to the provided hanger and then cleaned by hand with the mounted brush. The boots are placed in the provided basin and cleaned with a spray nozzle.

The STWA/H additionally comes with an automatic sole cleaning machine like the SORM/H.

Siphon, joints and gaskets and small parts are not included.


  • Dosage for cleanig agent for the hand brush
Technical data STWA STWA-H
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1200 x 590 x 1900 mm 1200 x 650 x 1990
Electrical connection   230 V/N/PE, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption   0,18 kW
Water connection 2 x 3/4" max. 43 °C 3 x 3/4" max. 43 °C
Water outlet DN 50 DN 50