The wash basin WR-ECO-1-SDS-A is suited, due to the automatic liquid soap dispenser, to the tamper-proof hand washing in the food processing industry. Only after both hands have been registered by the sensors integrated within the head panel, the soap is released, the flow of water can then be prompted by the sensor in the rear panel.

The equipment can be attached by means of a potential free contact to a traffic light device, a door opener or a turnstile.

The wash basin is supplied assembly-ready with water discharge, includes faucet aerator, sensor and temperature mixing valve.

Technical data WR-ECO-1-SDS-A
Dimensions (WxDxH) 500 x 355 x 725 mm
Electrical connection 230 V/N/PE
Warm water connection 1/2"
Cold water connection 1/2"
Water outlet 1 1/2"