The automatical knife basket cleaning machine DMHRM is designed for the cleaning and disinfection of up to 320 knife baskets per hour. The machine has two areas/zones – one for the main wash and one for the secondary wash and disinfection. A sensor automatically starts the machine when the knife baskets are placed on the conveyer belt. The baskets are first intensively washed with hot water at about 45 °C with cleaning agent being added.

In the secondary wash area the knife baskets are washed with water and disinfected either with water at 85 °C or a disinfectant.

For the heating of the water an continuous flow heater is optional. The flow heater must be connected to the water supply with a flow temperature of at least 45 °C.



  • Dosage of cleaning agent
  • Speed regulation
  • Continuous flow heater
    Technical Data DMHRM  
    Dimensions (WxDxH) 3500 x 560 x 1600 mm  
    Electrical connection 400 V/N/PE, 50/60 Hz  
    Power consumption 15,2 kW  
    Wasseranschluss 2 x 3/4"  
    Water connection DN 50  
    Water outlet 1 1/2"