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Wash Basin WR-ECO-1-ASF

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The hand wash basin WR-ECO-1-ASF with base unit – designed as a swing door cabinet for storing items such as cleaning agents, cleaning utensils, and hot water tanks – is used for hand washing in the food industry due to its robust construction.

The seamlessly raised back wall provides reliable splash protection and also serves as a holder for soap and/or disinfectant dispensers. The water supply can be controlled either by a sensor or a knee valve. The knee valve is located in the slanted front panel. Depending on the design, the sensor is housed either in the front panel or in the back wall.

The hand wash basin is delivered ready for installation with a water outlet including aerator, sensor or knee valve, and a temperature mixing valve.

Anti-legionella control
Floor or wall mounted
Integrated continuous flow heater
Mounted soap and/or disinfectant dispenser
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Dimensions 456 × 500 × 663 cm

Technical data

Dimensions (W x D x H): 500 x 456 x 1345
Electrical connection sensor: 230 V/N/PE
Warm water connection: 1/2″
Cold water connection: 1/2″
Water outlet: 1 1/2″


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