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Entry Control Device EK 600

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The Entry Control Device EK 600 has been especially designed for the use in narrow passages as well as in escape and emergency routes. It can be installed in places where the use of conventional turnstiles has so far not allowed the free passage in emergency situations or the transport of bulky goods or appliances. In case the EK 600 is switched off by using the emergency switch, the arm of the
turnstile which is in horizontal position, will automatically fold downward and thus clear the passage. In addition, it can be combined by an electromagnetically lockable door. Its lock is deactivated along with the turnstile and can be opened immediately. Only after the power supply is switched on again, the arm of the turnstile will autonomously fold up again and the turnstile returns into its starting position. The door will then be
manually closed and automatically locked. Besides an entrance barrier, the EK 600 comprises a tamperproof two-hand disinfection with a multifunctional LED light as well as a integrated in the housing canister holder. The device can be mounted directly on the wall or on the floor by means of an optionally available pedestal.

Wall or floor mounting
Mounted on the left or right side
As automatic soap dispenser
Electromagnetically lockable door

Technical data

Dimensions (W x D x H): 830/1110 x 300/850 x 515
Electrical connection: 230 V/N/PE, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 0,2 kW


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