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High Pressure Cleaner for Knife Baskets

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With the MKR knife baskets can be completely freed from meat and fat residues, degreased and disinfected. The knife basket is placed into the mounting device, which rotates during the cleaning process. There, the basket is cleaned via several nozzles by a high pressure water jet to which cleaning agents and/or disinfectants are added. Usually, this process takes about 10 seconds, but can be individually adjusted as well as the time for adding the cleaning agents/disinfectants.

Dimensions 680 × 907 × 995 cm

Technical data

Dimensions (W x D x H): 907 x 680 x 1112
Electrical connection: 400 V/N/PE, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 5,6 kW
Water connection: 3/4″ max. 65 °C, min. 2,5 bar
Water outlet: DN 50


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