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Sliding Shelf System KSA

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The sliding shelf system KSA allows quickly and easily almost a doubling of storage space – without any modifications needed to any existing space that may be available. This system is especially suitable for cooling rooms. Such storage spaces have relatively high purchase prices and, especially due to the energy costs, lead to consequential costs that cannot be ignored. The sliding shelf system KSA is essentially based on the shelf system ERS and ARS. To convert these systems into a sliding shelf system, or to re-model from scratch, the following components (as described below) will be needed:

Bottom Rails
Made out of stainless steel sheets (AISI 304, brushed surface, 96 x 25 mm).The bottom rails do not need to be screwed to the floor, because thanks to a special profile they ensure high stability, which in turn makes it easy and safe to slide the shelf units. The bottom rails can, if joint connectors are used, be extendable and can thus be adapted to the dimensions of the room or to any other obstacles. Screwed plastic end stops stop the shelves from sliding out of the bottom rails. Care should be taken to ensure that the floor under the sliding shelf system is absolutely even.

Portable Undercarriages
Made out of folded stainless steel sheets (AISI 304, brushed surface) with built-in fastening caps to ensure safe mounting of the individual shelves. The portable undercarriages are equipped with ball bearing castors that ensure easy and safe moving of the shelf system. The portable undercarriages are screwed to each other using cross bracings. Depending on the design, the undercarriages are available for single and double-rowed shelf systems.

Shelf construction systems
Shelf construction systems All shelf systems of the product lines ARS and ERS can be impemented into a sliding shelf system. The shelves, depending on the design of the movable undercarriages, are arranged in single or double rows (back to back). A portable shelf unit can consist of max. 2 shelf bays with a total length of up to 3000 mm


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